Capture New Opportunities

Technical Skills

‘Outdoors Training Module′ is all about getting into Execution Mode and getting out of your imaginary fears and day dreams. Go burst your laziness and procrastination with our custom designed purposeful and proactive skills enhancement and technical training projects that also utilises your ideas too.

Bring yourselves out of your comfort zones. Learn to know your environment quickly, use scarce resources optimally, know safety and security aspects, create awareness about various available new technologies, products and services, get candid feedback, develop new strategies, new business ideas and methods, learn to manage and motivate technical teams in the outdoors.

Outdoors’ cohesive learning approach can change your outlook forever. This allows you to look beyond theory and mental mathematics.
A mere theoretical discussion on a technical topic cannot match the proactive and purposeful skills enhancement program wherein technical and soft skill trainings are inter-woven.

Be part of your own customised Outdoor Campaigns:

1. Industrial tours for knowledge exchange  
2. Meet subject matter experts 
3. Technical Workshops 
4. On-the-job Trainings 
5. Offsite training camps