For whom:

Those who are interested in Management Consulting as a career or practcing Management Consultants who need to extra sharpen their consulting skills.


1. You add significant value in any consulting project
2. It increases your awareness in identifying new consulting opportunities
3. Builds personal reputation as a Management Consultant
4. Develops Soft Skills required by a Management Consultant
5. You learn innovative consulting techniques


Experts and Management Consultants from big Management Consulting firms as well as renowned Boutique Consulting firms.


10 Days




Professional Consultants are faced with constant challenge to add significant value to business. To earn respect professionally and achieve success financially – they should add value not just once but everytime. More so, in todays’ competitive scenario, it is difficult to stand out just on the basis of qualifications. You need to tap value adding opportunities proactively by developing an edge over others.


ConsultingEdge is a hybrid program format i.e.seminar cum  workshop, that equips you with the various tools, techniques and skills to enhance your value adding capabilities significantly.


  –   Learn to ‘Observe’ beyond obvious
  –   Enhance power of visulaisation, articulation & presentation
  –   Master any data with various powerful techniques of analysis
  –   Develop ability to map business knowledge
  –   Build knowledge frameworks for effective strategy and execution
  –   Increase your power of logical reasonings
  –   Make informed enquiries and creative listening
  –   Innovation, abstract and lateral thinking in consulting
  –   Master the art of practicing & learning
  –   Become a tech savvy consultant


At the end of the program, you will have unique ablility to add value even in most complex of the business scenarios and across industries. ConsultingEdge is different from the other training programs as it not only uses proven knowledge but also shares secrets and powerful techniques and practical wisdom of the successsful professional consultants.  


Although the knowledge shared here has always been value adding; many get encouraged for it makes their jobs even more interesting and fun.