Vision & Mission

About us


Be the leading knowledge collaboration and corporate training firm educating professionals and managers in value and wealth creation through systematic management, professionalism, innovation, taking growth initiatives and leveraging soft skills.  


Encourage and support more than 2000 professionals and managers every year in taking up relevant skills development programs and meeting subject knowledge experts by removing mental, physical and economic barriers in their sharing, acquiring, imbibing and implementing knowledge and skills.



Who we are?


We are a network of serial entrepreneurs & CXOs having passion for enterprising & growth. We are from different backgrounds like Investment Banking, Strategy Consulting, Risk Management, Business Pyschology, Guerilla Marketing, Economics, Statistics & Information Technology. We are Thought Leaders in our respective professions. We are Growthpreneurs.


Why we are here?


There is no scarcity of Intellectual Capital in the country for creating substantial and sustainable value given that people know the right tools, techniques and skills. We are here to share and learn those tools, techniques & skills.