Connect Innovation

Consult Innovate

For whom:

Anyone interested in Innovation and wants to use Innovative tools and techniques to Innovate.


1. Develop Breakthrough Problem Solving Methodologies
2. Supplement new knowledge creation and develop Insights
3. Develop New Business Models 
4. Develop New Marketing Strategies
5. Augment New Product Development


Experts and Consultants practicing Innovation


1 day 



Innovation – everyone talks about it. Everyone knows about its benefits in business. Many however never religiously practice Innovation. Possible reason for this is – for many innovation is a matter of chance rather than practice. Also, they are not sure of any methodologies that can implement innovation as a practice or skill.

This workshop introduces Innovation as practice in Management Consulting. Where you can learn various methods of implementing innovation and practice those methods through various exercises that are fun, insightful and transforming. Every moment in the program is discovery and feeling of Eureka.

ConsultInnovate is a 1 day workshop in innovation that takes you on a journey of discovering power of abstract and lateral thinking and much more. Experience the subliminal high with burst of curiosity and adventure. Stimulation and simulation lets you go through the phases of learning and unlearning.

Practicing innovation helps professional consultants add extraordinary value to businesses and take humanity to a different dimension with whole new level of knowing. Participants come out as futuristic thought leaders who will be pioneering various new creative and innovative ideas of value creation and value delivery.