Grooming Thought Leaders


IGoal Setting and Current Competencies Mapping

The moment of recognizing our own lack of talent or skill is a flash of genius. For effective goal setting, first you need to be aware of your current competencies and have correct mindset for aquiring and honing the required competencies and skillsets.

Competency mapping focuses on 3 aspects viz. Knowledge, Skills and Attitude. Importance of each one depends on its function and purpose in the given context. Knowledge acquisition and its appropriate usage depends lot on your attitude and mental disposition. Skills are acquired and developed using the right knowledge and the right attitude. With right skills and attitude you can reach your goal. 

Networking for Collaborative Cohesive Knowledge Building 

To ride the learning and experience curve even faster you need to combine “what you know” with “who you know”. Such relationships  comes at the cost of participation and knowledge sharing.  

Futuristic Thought Leaders know the power of the correct context while enhancing their competencies and skills. Therefore, they systematically invest in the right knowledge assets, skillsets, networks and collaborations. Growthpreneurs provide the qualified professionals worthy context as well as collaboration for moving up the pyramid swiftly.





















Growth Initiatives


We assume that the professionals and their teams will take up new and bigger value adding initiatives to foster rapid growth and wealth creation.


Strategic Introspection 


Those who are ready to find out gaps and blindspots in their implementing knowledge for adding significant value or getting higher share in the game of value addition will only be able to act boldly and move people magically for producing impossible looking results.


Unique Outlook 


Only developing unique outlook will let you put your Intellectual Capital to use that remained unexploited or exploited sub-optimally.


Mental Disposition & Common Sense 


Engaging in a controlled mental orientation stimulates mission critical actions required for producing significant value and rapid growth. No fuzzy terminologies or distinctions; just common sense to ensure out of box thinking and execution.


Everyone’s Unique 


We are always looking out for professionals with extraordinary character. We make them ready for enterprising or for providing dynamic leadership to others. We know their differential learning needs; thus we focus on their individual abilities rather training them in a standardized way.