Actualise Growth



Each lower need in the Hierarchy of Needs has to be satisfied first before moving up to the next. This misleading concept supports the assumption that only a small % can reach top of the pyramid or even cares about growth needs. Ironically, it’s our over emphasis on deficiency needs and avoidance of growth needs that keeps us away from having a right attitude towards wealth creation.

Instead of thinking in an incremental hierarchy, imagine your driving needs more like parallel motivation frequencies for manifesting the hidden opportunities that were previously off-the-radar. 

Growth Goal


Success in Business comes when following elements exist 

1. Focus on Growth Needs 
2. Entrepreneurial Mindset
3. Right Attitude and Skills

Synthesis of above three gives rise to Growthpreneurship.


Growthpreneurship is union of 2 words – Growth + Entrepreneurship


Growth in business context means horizontal or vertical expansion, diversification or growing top line. However, this meaning is limited. Actually, Growth is both internal and transformational. It not only fulfills your higher needs but frees you and matures you and your enterprises.


Entrepreneurship implies risk taking or venturing. It needs risk capital. Success probability is low and stakes are high. More risk more reward is the rule. It’s quite likely that one ignores the other probabilities as notions around this concept are misleading.


Therefore, a new word – Growthpreneurship


Growthpreneurs targets sustainability. They take calculated risks. They don’t jump blindly. Not everything is trial and error. They understand what it takes. They are better prepared. They have a plan in mind. They also have plan ‘B’. They re-strategies quickly as they know their environment; they are watchful. Actually, they are grounded in reality; therefore they have better ideas and actions and have better chances of sustaining. Professionalism and Continous Training is the rule.


Growthpreneurship is an attitude and skill. It can be learned. It calls for a new kind of thinking in the world of business. Once you know the secrets, you are on your path to wealth creation and self actualization at the same time.