Enterprising in Consulting

Consulting | 360′

For whom:

The aspirants who are looking forward to start their own Management Consulting firm or heads of start-up Management Consulting firms


1. Overall grooming of enterprising skills 
2. Have robust strategy and resource mobilisation with zero capital
3. Develop a quality consulting team and organisation structure
4. Develop your own niche to deliver innovative products and services 
5. Attract and grow network of satisfied clients


Successful Entreprenuers in Management Consulting domain who are heading their own firms 


3 days



The consulting professionals have higher share in the value chain when they enterprise. By focusing on leveraging the enterprise-wide knowledge and brand instead of the individual knowledge and image, they develop an extraordinary ability to create new markets, move resources and talent pools necessary for achieving substantial growth.

This program creates “Possibility” in enterprising for consulting professionals so that they can start thinking ahead of the common genre to see their true market potential clearly and get rid-off their restrictive mental patterns like resource scarcity, risk aversion, lack of conviction etc. They become able to objectively assess their current actions in the existing competitive market so as to transform all disparity in their actions into goal congruence.


It is a 3 days’ interactive, adventurous, stimulating and powerful seminar that generates stimulating new ideas, new business and execution models, new teams, leadership and resources to foster success. It is based on a rare research and investigation into science of unleashing power of Intellectual Capital and Knowledge in Action at the enterprise level. It changes outlook and mental disposition to think the unthinkable & make the impossible possible.


Master The Matrix

Day 1 enchants you while you encounter and explore your hidden abilities to manage the matrix of Knowledge, Risk, Randomness, Time, Scarcity, Opportunity and Mindsets like never before.


Move The Masses 

Day 2 engages you in creating space and stimulation for taking new and mission critical actions that move your Leadership, People Skills & Performance to a whole new level.


Multiply The Value

Day 3 embarks you on a journey of  creating a powerful insight and foresight about creating and delivering  extraordinary value and scaling up your business with velocity.